If you feel drawn to support the Global White Lion Protection Trust and the H.E.A.R.T. work, without joining a membership plan, you can donate to the HEART Pride here. Members may also donate here to further support our work.

All donations directly benefit the project on many different levels. Any and all amounts are greatly appreciated.


Here you can assist by giving a once-off or monthly donation via credit card.

50% of the monies donated will go directly to the Global White Lion Protection Trust in support of their various projects.

The other 50% goes to the Animaltalk Africa to assist in:

  • Scholarships for the HEART Pride and StarLion Journeys
  • Campaigns to support the Lions, Lands, Oceans and People
  • Creating programmes and opportunities to share the H.E.A.R.T. work  and interspecies communication on a broader scale
  • Assisting in wildlife emergencies and rescues.

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Please consider supporting the HEART Pride and the Global White Lion Trust with any amount you choose.


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The Sacred & Wild Campaign

One of the campaigns created by the founding HEART Pride, is the Sacred & Wild Campaign. This was started to raise support for the formidable Lioness sisters, Alpha and Omega and awareness around their strong message about the “walking with lions” tourism industry. They have now found life-time sanctuary in the HeartLands.

Sacred & Wild