Focus is on the efforts of the Global White Lion Protection Trust


GOLD Membership

The Gold Membership focuses mainly on the efforts of the Global White Lion Protection Trust in restoring and protecting the flora and fauna of what is known as “The HeartLands”, and to reintegrate the White Lions back into their greater endemic homelands

$10 per month OR $100 per year


If committing to the monthly plan, your membership cannot be automatically cancelled until the 12 months is up. If you would like to cancel your membership during the 12 month period, please contact us as there may be a cancellation fee involved.

Please Read the TERMS OF SERVICE before signing up.

Exclusive and “pre-view” video footage

Video footage of the happenings in the HeartLands, with the lions, land and people.

Quarterly webinars

With Linda Tucker and Wynter Worsthorne about current issues. Includes meditations and guided visualisations.

“Global Prayers for Lions”

Instant Access to all replays of “Global Prayers and Meditations for Lions” in one location. Members receive personal invitations to all future live events.

A digital gift ScreenSaver

High-Resolution screen saver of the powerful lionesses, Alpha and Omega, the ambassadors of our Sacred & Wild Campaign

“13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership” e-book

A digital copy of the “13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership” by Linda Tucker

15% discount on all AnimaltalkAfrica courses

Discount applies to all courses within the AnimalTalk Africa Online Academy, founded by Wynter Worsthorne.

15% discount on StarLion Journeys

Discounts apply to Virtual StarLion Journeys, hosted by Linda Tucker and Wynter Worsthorne.

15% discount on Online Leadership Academy

Discount applies to The 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™ online course, as well as associated online workshops created and led by Linda Tucker.

How a GOLD Membership can be of benefit

If you are called to learn more about the Lions, Land and People of Tsau! Conservancy (home of the free roaming, protected White Lions, in the sacred HeartLands of the Greater Timbavati area) then the GOLD membership is a fit for you. You will have access to video footage of the lands, occasional interviews with members of the Trust and webinars with Linda Tucker and Wynter Worsthorne about the happenings in the HeartLands.

Remember 50% of your membership fee goes directly to the work of the Global White Lion Protection Trust, the other 50% goes to AnimalTalk Africa to support the HEART Pride in the work for Nature and the animals.


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